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Freitag, 18. November 2011


Matt Slater and his two-year-old …
Matt Slater and his two-year-old dog enjoy a spot of surfing in Cornwall.
An Emirati man takes photos …
An Emirati man takes photos of his friends in front of heart 
shape of coloured smoke from  Dubai Airshow in Dubai, 
United Arab Emirates, on Monday

Afghan men look out a window …
Afghan men look out a window damaged after a rocket landed in Kabul. Two rockets landed in an area of Kabul, several kilometers away from a top meeting of Afghan and community leaders on Thursday
Carole Wright with a lifesize …
This was me before i started excersing Carole Wright from Lancashire
Occupy Wall Street Holds Major …
Brendan Watt he was among the protesters of the wall street when he got injured.
An abandoned dog sits on a …
How sad an abandoned dog in Bangkok
Acrobats balance themselves …
This is how we the 2nd Anhui Folk Acrobatic Art Festival in China.
Its Paul Strugess aka "Tiny" who is UK most tallest basketball player who is 2.318metres tall.
A man drives his boat inside …
A man drives his boat inside don Muag Airport in Bangkok.

The Rocinha slum in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on Nov. 12.

The mount Nyamulagira in Congo exploded on Nov.11,the guard is  here to mantain the safe  distance for the people.
And what is this?it is a work of art of Joehill
NASA handout image of Jupiter's …
An artist's concept of Europa's "Great Lake" courtesy of 
NASA. Data from a NASA planetary mission has provided
scientists evidence of what appears to be a body of liquid 
water, equal in volume to the North American Great Lakes, 
beneath the icy surface of Jupiter's moon.

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